RGSU Elections 2021/22

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Candidates for the VP Education and Research Position

Rebecca C Dias

"Hi I'm Rebecca C Dias, a Molecular Science PhD Candidate and I'm hoping to get your support on March 16-18. As your VP of Education and Research, I will ensure our funds are funnelled towards supporting your professional development, conferences, and special projects. I want to create a safe space for open communication with my fellow graduate students and look forward to hearing your feedback, so I can better serve the grad community. To learn more about my platform, please visit my site at https://rebecca4vp.wixsite.com/my-site"

Jolene Hunt

HI! My name is Jolene and I am a PhD Candidate in Economics and the VP of communications for the Economics Graduate Students Association. Graduate students exist in a unique space in between undergraduate students and faculty and require dedicated representation. I would love the opportunity to represent you and help shape the brand new RGSU. 


My priorities are centred around ensuring graduate students have a seat at the table for all relevant Ryerson academic policy discussions. I am especially aware of the fact that Ryerson graduate programs are still building their reputations and consequently require as many opportunities as possible to showcase their research. I plan to work closely with graduate student unions at other universities to learn about best practices for acquiring and allocating travel grants and other educational/ research grants and initiatives.

Disclaimer: For all of these positions you must be a current part-time or full-time graduate student at Ryerson, for at least 2 consecutive terms (Spring/Summer 2021, Fall 2021 and Winter 2022).
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Executive positions:

  • President

  • Vice-President Operations

  • Vice-President Education and Research

  • Vice-President Student Life and Events 

Graduate Board of Directors:

  • Faculty of Arts Director

  • Faculty of Business Management Director

  • Faculty of Community Services Director

  • Faculty of Communication and Design Director

  • Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Sciences Director

  • Faculty of Science Director

  • Interdisciplinary Programs Director



March 10th 2021 at 1pm: submit your nomination package to info@rgsu.ca and submit the Google form.

March 11th 2021: all candidates meeting

March 12th 2021 to March 18th 2021: Campaign dates

March 16th to March 18th 2021: Voting dates

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