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The RGSU has submitted a total annual fee of $123.84 per-year in operations and up to $650 to support an opt-out health plan. Collectively, there will be an increase of $334.08 for graduate students in overall student fees. However, only $24.08 per year of this increase would be mandatory (the Health Plan would have an Opt-Out provision). Please see the approximate fee breakdown below (excluding the optional Health Plan).



On November 2nd until November 5th, 2020, all Ryerson Graduate Students will be able to vote in favour of establishing the Ryerson Graduate Students' Union (us!) as your official governing student body. 

Log on to RAMSS via to vote in the referendum!

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Why seperate?

  • Grad students’ needs are different than those of undergrads

  • Graduate students often focus on:

    • Research 

    • Professional Development 

    • Graduate Assistant (GA) positions

  • Graduate students also tend to be mature students with dependents 


  • Since graduate students are also employees at Ryerson, there is a conflict of interest regarding their ability to participate in RSU events/governance.

There are only two RSU Board of Directors seats occupied by graduate students, which causes implications for graduate student decision-making

RGSU Health and Dental Information


We conducted a survey among all graduate students and found that greater mental health coverage and greater dental coverage was most important to Ryerson graduate students. Given this, we will ensure that we have better mental health (off-campus and online support) and dental coverage. We will also be running other health benefits surveys with graduate students to identify other gaps with the current RSU plan. 


We will ensure that the current plan is replaced with a significantly better health and dental plan that meets the needs of graduate students (including those with dependents).

RGSU Governing and Supporting Documents

Check out the documents below to gain more information about the operational procedures of the RGSU.

RGSU Government Structure

RGSU Budgeting and Planning Framework

RGSU By-laws

RGSU Financial Policy

RGSU Oversight Committee


RGSU General Manager Job Posting

RGSU Proposed Student Fee Breakdown